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We are a professional web services provider focused on conceiving, developing and delivering tailor made Internet solutions at a reasonable and affordable cost.


Zehn Core

Set up with a view of combining new age innovations and advancements with age old experience, Zehn is an offshoot of a 60 year old Management Consultancy Firm. A culture of efficiency and client satisfaction is the foundation of Zehn. Working at a Global Scale, Zehn provides its clients complete assurance of quality and value addition. The group has a history of sustained development through various stages. Our advisors are

Shing Hoi Enterprise
Madison Avenue

At MAAC, we provide printing services, business printing services that can meet up with your any promotional needs. We are able to put up easy, affordable and fast printing services.
At MAAC, we provide printing services, business printing services that can meet up with your any promotional needs. We are able to put up easy, affordable and fast printing services. Our strive to excellence assures that we are always ready to fulfill our client's need and requirements, whether the order is very short run printing or long term run printing. Our services are very up to date and we deliver our customers in the stipulated time limit. We use various advanced printing techniques to deliver the most creative and eye catching outputs. We also take care of your special taste and requirement like paper to be used, specific colors (if any), design, contents to be displayed etc.

Eco Therm India

EIPL having work experience more than 15 years in different Indian industries like. Thermal power Stations, Steel Plants, Petrochemicals, Cement Plants etc. EcoTherm Insulation Private Limited. is a dynamic company. Which was established in the year 1998 as Ecotherm Insulation (a proprietorship concern). It was Registered under MCA, Government of India

Fast Growth Capital

We are proud to introduce you to the Conglomerate of various services which form FastGrowth Capital Consultancy Services Limited. To be sure, the Fast Growth Capital consultancy Services limited starts with a true Indian Spirit as it adventures across the locations, and across markets. It starts with a group of astute professionals and associates, managing many Services and ventures into one ownership Company. It is with this spirit, all of our Ventures work and succeed. The spirit of an adventurer - to continue to persevere - no matter what odds, and overcome all challenges, we welcome you to the Fast Growth Capital consultancy Services Limited. Value for money, financial and social security of the common man and maximizing the earning potential of all who are with us with a clean track record are the key responsibility of ours.

Katha O Kahini

With a track record spanning almost three decades, KOK today has come a long way in the field of publishing and distribution for the people of West Bengal and its neighboring states.

We at KOK, have been involved in the printing,publishing and the distribution of books in the local vernacular. The success that we have achieved has been greatly due to our long years of experience and competent team work .

This has encouraged us to venture into the publishing and distribution of School Textbooks in the medium of English and Hindi,based on the syllabus prescribed by the ICSE,ISC,CBSE & West Bengal Boards .

Today with a well - stocked retail and wholesale distribution outlet at a prime location in the "College Street" book market and with cooperation from all the major Delhi, Mumbai & local based Publishing Houses we offer a whole range of Educational & Technical Books ,Teaching Aids,audio/ Visual educational equipments, School Furniture, Exercise Copies, Diaries and other school related Educational Stationery items.

In connection with the above we look forward to your warm patronage with an assurance to fulfill and satisfy your requirements to the maximum.

Basus Clinic

Established in 1981, ‘Basu’s Clinic’ has grown into a 40 bedded multi specialty Nursing Home open to all with three well equipped Operation Theatres, a separate Delivery Management wing, Special Care Unit, a Paediatric Care Unit and Outdoor consultation department.


When we were children, we were enthralled by the intriguing tale of the race between the tortoise and the hare. The classic encounter between the fleet footed, arrogant hare and the lumbering yet persevering tortoise ended in a famous victory for the latter.
Only later did it emerge that the tortoise was in fact a hare in disguise. In terms of the investment business, the hare was an amateur or novice investor cum speculator, whereas the tortoise was acting under the sound advice and supporting guidance of a professional management consultant

Proloy Shastri

Human's expenditure is heigher than their in come for a moment. Out of 24 hours of a day they sleep eight hours,spend three hours for nature's call two hours for petty journey and two hours for family welfare and kiddis then it remains nine hours in hand.whatever it,is,done,during the remaining nine hours,would be counted in the next morning, a wailking from bed in a cool and clam mood.

Keep it in mind, you have kept nine hours for your own work but not the 15 hours as naratted above, you may try to save time out of above 15 hours if possible.It is necessary; some points should be remembered for proper utilisation of time.Such as on every monday worship Goddes SIVA by white flowers and to adorn with a garland of sun plant flowers. On this day drink a spoonful of un-boiled milk in un-washed mouth and try to take vegetarian diet in the day,best on even at least a wood apple's leaf enjoining three leaves in a stem to Goddes SIVA according to weekly colour,put on white garments on this day. Married couple would use white bedsheet which will award them sound sleep .Make a gift to a black brahmin,out of that it is better to gift him milk,curd and sweet meat.

Astrology Profet

Our aim is to promote the awareness about the ancient science of Vedic Astrology and provide its services through courses and workshops. This website is our online portal to reach out to the world at large and to offer the services of amazing Indian Astrology across the globe.

Our Vedic Astrology reports cover wide range of human life giving accurate insight, amazing predictions and astounding remedies. Our reports include Best time for Child Birth, Health, Career, Business, Wealth, Love, Relationships, Marriage, Child birth, Spirituality, Past Life, Remedies, Gemstones, Numerology and Name change suggestion and much more. We also provide Free answers and remedies to your questions with every report.

We do not provide instant downloadable horoscopes and reports. Our trained and experienced Vedic Astrologers prepare


In today's dynamic and competitive world, education is vital for growth and resilience. Erudite, one of the best MBA test preparation Institutes in India, has built a brand which has devoted its entire effort towards providing quality education and training to the students.

The institute provides MBA entrance test-prep to enable aspirants to crack prestigious competitive national exams like CAT, XAT, MAT, CMAT etc and gain admissions into professional courses. Erudite is also keenly involved in the field of talent building through its Campus Recruitment Training Programme for engineers and IBPS P.O aspirants.

Erudite's Core policy is Student first i.e. interest of the students come above everything. The team of CAT experts ensures that students get personalized attention to overcome their weaknesses. Record of success year

Erudite General Exam

In the present day scenario, one must strive not only to be educated, but also to achieve strategic excellence in order to succeed. In this, Erudite, has built a legacy, over its years of providing quality education and training to the students.

We provide comprehensive classroom training for bank PO/Clerk and other government recruitment exams such as Railways, LIC, SSC, etc. Our classroom training aims to enhance required skills that aspirants need to gain employment at prominent banks and the Government sector.


Satya Piir is the most famous spiritual and powerful leader of India from miles afar also known as Babajaan or the Father of the Nation. He is credited with being the initiator of a foundation, known as Satya Piir's Organisation. Born in 19th November, Satya Piir was a gifted child, by the age of three; he used to recite the parts of The Holy Quran, an ancient Sanskrit scripture and was often found in unconscious mood or in Samadhi.
His aim in life is to teach people cope up with the stresses of everyday life and be at peace with themselves. Babajaan teaches people to replace hatred and suffering with love and wisdom. He spreads the message of universal love, peace and brotherhood throughout the world. Satya Piir aims at promoting spirituality amongst people and making them realize that there is goodness in every individual He advises people to accept as well as respect each other. Satya Piir is perhaps the greatest human being who is ever living in this world.

His aim in life is to serve the poor, the destitute, the needy and all those who are dejected by the society. He is an Indian social activist who leads movements to promote rural development, increase government transparency, and investigate and punish official corruption. So

Adcept Solutions

We add value by utilizing Engineering integration, Information Technology, Networking, Process control and tSoftware Development skills to address business process related challenges.

Net 2 Track

Full visibility and control in real time, 24/7, of your vehicles and mobile workforce. Improve productivity and efficiency by accessing real-time location information. Enhance customer service with improved communications between dispatch and mobile resources, reducing paper flow and time-consuming tasks.

Vaman India

GOVINDA INTERNATIONAL is a privately held Company established in 2005, which is mainly into IT Distribution, System Integration & Solutions Company and based in Kolkata, West Bengal, We launched our own brand “VAMAN” with a vision to enhance the way technology influences one’s life.


Pho-Com-Net Pvt Ltd has been incorporated on 2003..Actually the group has started their journey quite earlier on 1999. . Pho-Com-Net Private Limited is an IT and ITES , Event Management Company who mainly capitalized its expertise over E-Governance (Citizen Centric Application), Biometric Smart Card Application , Election Computerization- EPIC & Generation of Photo Roll & Printing, Software Development, Electronics Database Management System- Scanning, Examination Procedure Application, Variable Data Printing – Laser & Digital, Data Processing & Management, Networking, Skilled Human Resource Support and Event Management.

Cold Star

COLD STAR, as the name suggests is formed by professionals associated in the field creating & providing commercial solutions of refrigeration & food- service products.

COLD STAR brings to India a range of international refrigeration, freezing and food-service products to serve & provide solutions for hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, ice creams & beverages, malls, food-retail and health care segments, enabling its customer into upgrade their business.

Inka Solution

Inka Solution is a Computer Solution house who mainly capitalized its expertise over Variable Data Printing, Digital photography, Scanning & Identity card, Data Entry and processing, Computer Hardware & Networking, Skilled Man Power Support,

Client First

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Erudite Bank Exam

In today’s scenario, one must strive not only to educate oneself, but also to achieve strategic excellence in order to succeed. In this quest, Erudite, has built a legacy of providing quality classroom coaching to the students, for over a decade.
We provide comprehensive classroom coaching for bank PO, bank Clerical exams and other government recruitment exams such as Railways, LIC, SSC, etc. Our classroom training aims at enhancing required skill sets that aspirants need to gain employment at prominent banks and in the Government sectors.


Universal Art and Craft Research Institute works with artisans who would otherwise be unemployed or underemployed.
Thus artisans earn income that helps pay for food, education, and health care and housing.

SaltLake Animal Lovers

Saltlake Animal Lovers Association, we provide to animal of all types, foods, vaccination, treatment etc. necessary, including street dog also as per our capacity.

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Having worked very closely in the past few years with Encoders, I have found them to be an invaluable service to my companies. They are always at hand to help even for the smallest of problems. I have been in contact with them on numerous occasions well into the night, helping me improve my Internet marketing solutions, Thanks Encoders for everything.
Mithun Paul (CEO),
MSOFT Technologies,

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We follow best practices for design and usability to help our clients increase sales and customer satisfaction.

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We follow best practices for design and usability to help our clients increase sales and customer satisfaction.

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