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Codeigniter - The Right PHP Framework

We all know that php has become a highly popular programming language today. This is due to a number of benefits that it has for its users. Even though php is considered as one of the easiest languages to opt for, often developing high end applications and complex programs with php can still become quite disorganized and highly complicated.

This is where the requirement for a good php development framework comes in, and Codeigniter offers to be just what the developers may be looking for. In fact, there are a good number of benefits for you to see when you use the Codeigniter framework for developing your php internet applications. For example,

  • Codeigniter is open source, and therefore free to be used.
  • Codeigniter offers a very high performance level for your web applications.
  • This framework even helps to bring down time required to get your php applications developed.
  • It also helps you to save on the resources required to run the applications, and therefore your server experiences less load.
  • Get the benefits of a detailed set of instructions on Codeigniter on the internet for free.
  • Developers can even refer to support forums and groups to get any issue they face with their projects if required.
  • Installation and setup procedure is quite simple.
  • Why Encoders?

    We realized how effective this platform can prove for our developers, which is why our team of open source professionals have studied and implemented the Codeigniter framework extensively in a good number of very successful projects. The results have been quicker delivery of the application to our clients, better quality applications with less effort required, and of course some highly satisfied clients!

    Why not think about using the Codeigniter framework while developing your internet application? Talk to our team to learn how stable, reliable and secure Codeigniter is. Use one of the most efficient php development frameworks and make the most of your web applications when you have Encoders as your web development partner.

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