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A great way to make your business website say much more and get much more attention from your customers!

Graphic designing

A business site should have a good individuality, professionalism, distinct and clear layout, easy functionality, and great looks. A good blend of these qualities is not always that easy to get. Often designers may try too hard to concentrate on the appearance of the site and forget about the importance of the site's functionality.

The most common problems with graphic designing:

  • Sites become too heavy
  • The design looks too gaudy
  • The feel of the site doesn't match the targeted audience or products
  • Design, layout and the elements may not be optimized for the search engines
  • CSS and HTML errors and a number of other such issues.

  • At Encoders, our experienced team has come across each of these issues in the past, and any other problem that you may think of with regards to graphic designing for your business. Over the years we have learnt to be perfect with our sites, and consider each and every minor detail very carefully through thorough checks and optimization.

    The Encoders Experience

    With Encoders as your graphic web design partner you stand to gain a number of benefits. Here is what we will do for you:

    1. We will examine your existing site
    2. We will offer you two sets of information
        a. What needs changing
        b. What we can add to your site
    3. The results will show you a professional, fast loading, attractive and user friendly site specifically targeted towards your market
    The Encoders team can offer your business products like:

  • Banners
  • Brochures
  • Animation
  • Custom made web templates
  • And anything else you can think of with regards to graphic designing!

  • If you have not worked with us yet, it is not too late. Get in touch with our friendly and efficient customer care team and we will show you how to bring your budget down and yet see the quality of your business go up with us as your graphic web design partner.

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