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Online Polling Sites

You would often come across sites that get to see a good number of visitors to them, but unfortunately not enough people who decide to stick to the site and come back to it every now and then.

You may get yourself the most professional and search engine friendly site, getting you more hits than you would have expected. But your visitors seem to forget your site once they are off it.

This should not be the case for your internet marketing to succeed. What you need is sites that will get people come back to it after regular intervals of time, so that they stay updated about your products and services, and ultimately turn out to become a loyal group of customers for your business.

So how do you ensure that you don't lose visitors to your site? This is where the online polling sites come in.

How Can Encoders Help ?

The most important features of any polling site should be:

  • An easy way to update and add content regularly
  • Very clean and clear structure to let visitors get to what they want easily
  • Options to vote or participate in polls on topics featured on the site
  • Chat-rooms, forums, discussion boards, and comments sections
  • Article and news directories
  • Members area - login

  • These features add a good deal of importance to your business site. People will come back to your site to participate in discussions and debates and learn what the others are talking about. It will be more than a place to promote your business - which is why Encoders ensures that your site meets all the above features.

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