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The Oracle RDBMS

There are a number of features that make Oracle the best relational database management system for medium to large scale enterprises who handle a huge amount of operational data on a daily basis.

Oracle offers to be a very powerful RDBMS with a number of very useful features that are absent in almost every other database management system that you would come across. And yet it offers a higher flexibility when compared with other platforms, for example MS SQL Server.

The Benefits of Oracle

  • First of all, Oracle offers a platform independence which lets it score over MS SQL Server. While SQL Server will work only on a Windows platform, Oracle will work on Windows, Linux, and almost all varieties of UNIX based operating systems.
  • Oracle is much more dynamic than SQL Server is, allowing both viewers and administrators to work with the database without compromising on the data integrity. This feature is absent in SQL Server.
  • While Oracle is not free, it can run on a Linux server. Linux is free, getting rid of the costs involved in using a Windows server as required for SQL Server.
  • Even though other databases like MySQL can compete with Oracle with regards to the cost factor, Oracle presents much more features than what a MySQL database can. PL SQL, clustering, etc are absent in MySQL but present in Oracle.
  • Oracle offers much better features with regards to error handling, reliability and reporting features.

  • Due to all these reasons, Oracle is definitely the best choice to go for when you are considering a robust and reliable RDBMS to manage your business data. And to get the most out of your Oracle database, you need a competent team of database professionals to work with you.

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