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Rueda Kolkata

Three skilled young people& a fistful of passion for redefining the usual to raise work satisfactory quotient came closer to each other that conferred birth on Rueda in 2010. It was not out of the blue but an eventual outcome of thinking & rethinking & striving. Today we would prefer to designate ourselves as conference illustrator serving the next generation logistics solution while in the passage of time to metamorphose exponentially we emerge as creative craftsman too. That three-peopled Rueda is now aided by cutting edge in-house technological framework, brilliant & versatile think-tank & adherence to the strictest timeliness involving deliberately our uncompromising stance in company quality policy. Every moment we are at celebration of having new challenges & overcome those together with our resourceful honest-to-goodness team comrades who are with us through thick & thin that nourishes our client catalogue. We thank from the deepest of our heart those who entrusted their prestige in our hands.

Radio Voice

It was the year 1950, when our company Radio Voice made its entry in the world of entertainment. Mr.Abhijeet Das came to join the family business in 1997. He introduced lights, stage performance light with colour effects. We have performed with the Indian legends like Lata Mangeshkar , Asha Bhosle , Amit Kumar , KumarSanu , Udit Narayana , Shaan , Sonu Nigam , K.K. , Alka Yagnik,Abhijit Sawant etc. Today it has gained so much popularity that we can see its wall but we cannot scale it. And till now we are trying a lot to improve our sound system and quality which will give entertainment to more people than now.

Sabera Events

Event management involves studying the intricacies of the brand, identifying the target audience, devising the event concept, planning the logistics and coordinating the technical aspects before actually launching the event. Post-event analysis and ensuring a return on investment have become significant drivers for the event industry.
And we at Sabera Events, are more than proud to bring you the very best in event management. We believe in upholding the traditions, breaking the monotony, and transforming the wedding to a whole new level of revelry! So here we are, providing you with exclusive pre to post event facilities that you�ll find nowhere else, and all this with Sabera's signature styles and that endearing touch.

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