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Proloy Shastri

Human's expenditure is heigher than their in come for a moment. Out of 24 hours of a day they sleep eight hours,spend three hours for nature's call two hours for petty journey and two hours for family welfare and kiddis then it remains nine hours in hand.whatever it,is,done,during the remaining nine hours,would be counted in the next morning, a wailking from bed in a cool and clam mood.

Keep it in mind, you have kept nine hours for your own work but not the 15 hours as naratted above, you may try to save time out of above 15 hours if possible.It is necessary; some points should be remembered for proper utilisation of time.Such as on every monday worship Goddes SIVA by white flowers and to adorn with a garland of sun plant flowers. On this day drink a spoonful of un-boiled milk in un-washed mouth and try to take vegetarian diet in the day,best on even at least a wood apple's leaf enjoining three leaves in a stem to Goddes SIVA according to weekly colour,put on white garments on this day. Married couple would use white bedsheet which will award them sound sleep .Make a gift to a black brahmin,out of that it is better to gift him milk,curd and sweet meat.


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