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Get the best of both worlds - the loyalty that comes with an employee and the flexibility that comes with a contractor.

Remote Hiring

A simple and economical concept in recruitment and employee productivity.

After the advent of the Internet, the World has become a small place. From Toronto to Timbuktu you can reach anyone, anywhere within seconds. Introduction of alternate concepts based on Internet has not only made things easier but also Cost Efficient replacing the comparatively costly options. For example:

  • Printed Mails are replaced by E-mails,
  • Printed Bank Statements are replaced by Paperless On-Line Banking,
  • Retail Stores are replaced(partially if not totally) by E-Commerce,
  • Traveling for a Meeting is replaced by Video Conferencing.

  • Likewise, Remote Hiring is a new concept which is revolutionizing the way businesses have been running.

    For the last few years, organizations and individuals are paying offshore companies to execute their work. Why? Cost efficiencies. There is no rational reason that an organization or individual should pay a much higher price for a certain work if it can be performed at a far lower price - especially if such a organization or individual is financially weaker and is expected to survive and compete with larger players who already enjoy the lower cost benefit.

    Remote Hiring is a service that leverages, harnesses, and consolidates several advancements of Internet technology to provide you with low-cost skilled human resources from around the globe, on a short-term or long-term basis without any of the headaches or long-term commitments otherwise associated with starting a new business unit.

    It is an all-in-one service that combines the provision of the following:

  • Recruitment & human resource management
  • Business center
  • Technology infrastructure
  • Administration
  • Payroll
  • Finance
  • Statutory filings
  • Management oversight
  • Consulting

  • Who is it for?

  • Organizations or Individuals who performs certain work locally at a higher cost structure when instead it can be performed remotely at a much lower cost structure
  • Organizations or Individuals whose competitors in the industry already hold the low-cost labor markets advantage. This could be in the form of new product innovation (R&D), technical support, customer service, quality assurance, and so on.
  • Organizations or Individuals who need to lower their salary costs without reducing the work output
  • Organizations or Individuals who need to globalize their work but completely control all aspects of the related project
  • Organizations or Individuals who has great ideas for innovative services or products but limited financial resources
  • Organizations or Individuals who needs access to a larger supply of skilled and educated professional resources to select from

  • How is it different from Conventional Outsourcing

    Conventional Outsourcing Remote Hiring
    Engagement Type More like a 3rd-party vendor/sub-contractor relationship More like an extension of your office, benefits similar to having your own employees
    Resource Pool Limited to existing employee/team of the outsourced company, generally no involvement in employee/team recruitment/termination Custom build your team with specific skill set - high customer involvement in recruitment/termination
    Management Control Lower level of control, direct interaction, and ongoing involvement with team Higher level of control, direct interaction, and ongoing involvement with team
    Costs Higher costs to cover periodic bench-times of existing team between projects Lower costs, as the team is custom built-to-order leading to no bench time for employees
    Schedule Usually limited to the existing office hours of the sub-contractor Flexibility to have multiple shifts when building the team
    Project Management Usually restricted to customer writing functional specifications and handing over deliverables to vendor Customer involved in both specifications creation and deliverables
    Intellectual Property Usually negotiated between customer and outsourced company Generally always owned by customer by default
    Applicable to For short-term, usually non-core company functions For long-term, full-time company job positions (core or non-core functions)

    How is it different from Conventional Outsourcing

    As part of the Remote Hiring business model, Encoders assigns each billable position to an operations manager who is a non-billable resource for the customer. Our goal is to ensure that your Hired employees under Remote Hiring Scheme is always on the right track whether it is from a functional or operational standpoint. The operations manager can be present for daily or weekly briefs and their objective is to be your eyes and ears at the employee's location. They also act as the liaison and first point of escalation for each of the three entities in the triangulated business model of Remote Hiring - the customer, the employee, and Encoders.

    Whether you want to track or manage the periodic time-log, status reports, holiday & leave management, delivery deadlines, appraisals, two-way feedback, incentives, or any other administrative, financial, or HR related issues or concerns, please count on your operations manager at Encoders.

    Performance Monitoring

    In the triangulated business model of Remote Hiring (Encoders, Customer, Employee), the functional Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), exist directly between the customer and the employee.

    With this model, functionally, we are always on your side regardless of the changes in scope or project.

    The best KPI we offer is the fact that you can "pull the plug" on any of your "Remote Hiring" employee, and we would go find a replacement - again no different from how you would handle non-performing in-house employees - and you don't pay for downtime.

    Intellectual Property

    We understand your concerns related to protection of your trade secrets, design concepts, company proprietary information, and the source code of your products or technology. Let us address some of these concerns for you.

    Outsource Companies are already providing billions of dollars of R&D development related services to Developed Nations - it has become a highly common practice specially in the software industry. In other words, there is plenty of precedence with a number of companies now trusting their intellectual property in the hands of foreign companies and its professionals.

    The Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights laws for the software industry are very strong within the Judicial system of many countries as their government is promoting such exports and recognizes the need to protect the customers globally.

    At Encoders, we ensure that each of our employees sign a non-disclosure, non-compete, non-solicitation, proprietary information and inventions agreement with the company - hence ensuring that we protect your interests.

    Furthermore, from a practical standpoint, we also believe that your source code, design concepts, etc are potentially much safer thousands of miles away as opposed to in-house developers who may also have easier access to customers and the target market locally.

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