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Why Choose Encoders as your Mobile Apps, eCommerce, Website Design and Development Company ?

We are a professional web services provider focused on conceiving, developing and delivering tailor made Internet solutions at a reasonable and affordable cost.

Website Designing

A website is the most important online identity for any business, which is why you should never take website designing for your business lightly. Inefficient websites can have a number of very negative results for your business, which can be harmful for both your brand name and your growth.

  • A poorly done website tells consumers that your business is not a reliable one to deal with
  • If your website is not professional enough, your clients will think that the business is not professional on the whole either
  • The clarity of the information offered on your website depends a lot on how well your site has been designed
  • Your website needs to be both attractive and quick to respond to clicks if you don't want the visitors to turn impatient
  • Navigation problems often result in people getting frustrated when searching for something on your site

And there are a number of other issues that come into play when you consider searching for the right website designing services. You can get rid of all such issues and get the maximum out of your business site by having Encoders as your web development services partner.

The Right Website for Your Business

When we work with you, we consider each and every minute detail that is related to your website and your business on the whole. This gives us a clear idea about what can be expected from your business site, and how we should target at such results through our efficient website designing services.

Some of the basic features that add value to your website when you work with us are:

  • Professional and highly customized designs for your site
  • Minimum resource requirements - fast load times
  • Easy navigation - minimum number of clicks to get to what visitors want to find on your site
  • The right applications to power up your online business marketing
  • Highly search engine friendly designs
  • Unbelievable price plans with unmatched quality
  • Prototypes and revisions to ensure you are happy with the finished product
  • Meticulous testing process
  • Quick product delivery
  • Prompt technical support post implementation

Wondering if there is more on the plate? Get in touch with our expert website designing team today and learn all about our services. Let us offer you the right website to help your business grow!

What our clients are saying?

The following are the listing of some of the comments which others have for us. These are only select few which we are giving with all due permissions

Having worked very closely in the past few years with Encoders, I have found them to be an invaluable service to my companies. They are always at hand to help even for the smallest of problems. I have been in contact with them on numerous occasions well into the night, helping me improve my Internet marketing solutions, Thanks Encoders for everything.
Mithun Paul (CEO),
MSOFT Technologies,

Our Client

We follow best practices for design and usability to help our clients increase sales and customer satisfaction.

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Encoders offers Customized Ecommerce Development, Website Design and Development, Android Mobile Apps Development Service

Our clients based in USA, UK, Australia, All over India like Saltlake, Kolkata, Mumbai, Patna, Ranchi, Bhubaneshwar, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Jaipur and more. Customized Web Design and Development service, the right combination of strategy and technology, creative and quality work, guaranteed post sales support and reasonable pricing make us stand out of the crowd.
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We follow best practices for design and usability to help our clients increase sales and customer satisfaction.

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